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Wills and Powers of Attorney

It’s a common misconception that Wills are simple. Sometimes they are straightforward but more often they need to take account of complex family relationships (including blended families) with a variety of future considerations that need to be taken into account. The prevalence of Family Trusts and the effect of the Property Relationships Act 1976 may also impact on what a Will needs to cover.

As people live longer it also becomes more important that Wills are revised as personal and family circumstances change. This is the same reason why Enduring Powers of Attorney should also be made at the same time as a Will or Will revision.  Enduring Powers of Attorney (or “EPOA”s ) provide for a person to ensure decisions can be made both in respect of their property and  their personal care and welfare should they suffer incapacity through mental illness or accident. Retirement Villages and Rest Homes now usually require an EPOA for personal care and welfare to be in place before they will accept a person for residency.

Enduring Powers of Attorney can be set up so that they apply for all purposes or only if a person suffers incapacity to act on their own behalf.

We can also assist with general Powers of Attorney which do not apply if someone suffers incapacity. These can be set up for any purpose or purposes including temporary situations where someone may be overseas for a period.

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