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Conveyancing and Property Law

We handle every type of transaction involving property. This includes Conveyancing, which is the process involving the creation or legal transfer of interests in land including sales purchases and mortgages.

Conveyancing involves much more than filling in forms and following processes. There are a lot of matters to consider these days including possible tax implications ( e.g. the “Brightline” test under which the sale of a  home within 5 years of purchase attracts tax on any gain made, unless it is a main home or some other exemption applies, GST and Residents Withholding Tax) . We are also required by law to ensure our clients or prospective clients are identifiable not only for title registration purposes but also to mitigate against money laundering.

To ensure we meet these obligations Wadhams has invested in a workflow system called conveyIT which streamlines our processes enabling us to do the work as efficiently as possible and to avoid our clients incurring extra costs wherever we can.

Property Law encompasses so many things. We have seen pretty much everything, including the following.

Examples of our work in Conveyancing and Property Law;

  • Residential Property development including the creation of building standard covenants and easements
  • Unit Title and Cross-Lease developments and issues
  • Refinancing of mortgages
  • Sale and purchases of residential property including drafting complex agreements and options
  • Fencing and boundary issues
  • Easements of Light, Air and Viewshafts
  • Property share agreements
  • Compulsory Acquisition matters arising under the Public Works Act
  • Rural transactions of all kinds
  • Pre-nuptial and other or Contracting-out agreements under the Property Relationship Act 1976


We offer fixed rates for certain types of Conveyancing transactions and are happy to discuss our fees with you. Terms and conditions apply.

Our experts in Conveyancing and Property Law are