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We have considerable experience in all areas of Estate Administration.

Estates are handled by personal representatives. If there is a valid Will, they are called “Executors”. If there is no Will, they are appointed by the Court and are called “Administrators”.

Executors and Administrators call in the deceased persons’ assets, pay any debts, and ensure  the Estate is correctly apportioned to the beneficiaries, according to the terms of the Will , or according to a Statutory regime under the Administration Act 1969 if a person dies without a Will (called an ”Intestacy”).

Sometimes a Grant of “Probate” may be needed for the Executors to be able to deal with an Estate and we can assist with obtaining that grant. If there is no Will, family members will need assistance in obtaining the necessary authority to act as an Administrator with an application for “Letters of Administration”. Again we can assist.

During the time we are assisting in the distribution and winding up of an Estate we keep our clients fully informed and maintain records and accounts of all dealings.


Our experts in Estates are