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Succession and Trusts

Many of our clients need guidance in relation to the future of their business. Issues can include;

  • moving on or looking for new opportunities,
  • retirement,
  • incapacity

Planning for these events is critical to avoid major issues, disputes between stakeholders and, of course, avoidable costs and business disruption. Planning also helps ensure you achieve the best possible price should a business sale be desired.

Trusts can sometimes be very effective structures to assist in business succession, especially where family members are involved.

We are also experts in the establishment and administration of Family Trusts, which can be useful vehicles for a range of concerns regarding family succession, including;

  • Asset protection in the event of failed relationships (both directly and other family members)
  • Reduced estate administration costs
  • Possible creditor protection
  • Possible tax advantages

Asset testing mitigation in some cases


Our experts in Succession and Trusts are